World Heritage Crystal

The «World Heritage Crystal» is awarded every year in fall. It consists of a prize of SFR 10.000 from the UNESCO World Heritage Foundation Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch dedicated to enhance the attractiveness of the World Heritage Region.

Projects with particular and exemplary significance for the site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch contributing to the regional development defined by the Charter of the Konkordiaplatz can be awarded with the «World Heritage Crystal». The award intends to encourage imitation.

The project responsibles and award winners profit from an international communication platform, beside the attractive sum of SFR 10.000. Furthermore they receive recognition and visibility for their exemplary performance coherent with the philosophy of the World Heritage.

Private and public project operators are asked to apply with their exemplary projects filling in the application templates.


General information
Charter of the Konkordiaplatz


Former award winner

2017: WollReich Haslital

2017: Niwärch, Suone in Ausserberg (special recognition award CHF 3’000)

2016: Municipality of Mörel with the project biodiversity in a village


2015: Museum Lötschental

The museum of the Lötschental was awarded the «World Heritage Cristal» for its project «Cultural Heritage for all» in 2015. With an innovative concept it opened the collections and documentations to the public. The jury awarded the strong focus of the museum on youth and schools as well as the confrontation with its own history. Jury president Thomas Egger also mentioned the importance of its contribution to improve the visibility of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.

Übergabe Welterbe-Kristall 2015

2014: Power Plants Upper Valais

The Power Plants Upper Valais (KWO) was awarded the «World Heritage Cristal» 2014 for the methods developed to restore the water system. It is possible to generate enormous energy within the perimeter of the World Heritage site without creating conflicts. The restoration implemented over several years in Oberhasli by the KWO showed how it can be reached. The involvement of all affected and interested stakeholders, public administration, fishing and environmental organisations was key for the success. Jury president Thomas Egger justified the decision in favour of the hydropower company with the argument, that they have exceeded the legal requirements for the restoration of water systems. He especially highlighted the procedures which provoked not one objection as model for other projects.

2013: Municipality of Naters

The Project «Conservation and Restoration of Cultural and Natural Landscapes» on the «Natischerberg» of the Municipality Naters convinced the jury in 2013. The project idea was launched by the district forester Christian Theler who submitted a preliminary project consisting of several subprojects to the Municipality of Naters in fall 2005. The project intended to valorise the numerous natural and cultural heritage. An on-the-spot investigation was undertaken jointly with the organisations Swiss Landscape Fund, Pro Natura, Lottery Romande, Swiss Heritage Society and the Swiss Mountain Aid. During the visit the Swiss Landscape Fund proposed the launch of a project encompassing the whole perimeter of the Municipality. The forester Theler elaborated the project proposals and the 19 subprojects jointly with the regional planning office Michlig & Partner.

The project raised awareness among the population for the values of the landscape, created by manpower and worth to be safeguarded. The Management Centre expects positive signals for other World Heritage Municipalities.