Study Centre

The Study Centre is composed by two closely interlinked platforms: the “UNESCO Chair” and “Mountain-Formation”, coordinating education products for scholars, students and actors as well as research in the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage site.


  • Establishement of a platform for applied research in the field of natural and cultural heritage as resources for sustainable development in mountain areas:
  • Dissemination and Exchange of outcomes and experiences;
  • Institutionalizing of the network of World Heritage sites and large protected areas;
  • Monitoring of the safeguarding of the „Outstanding Universal Values“ and the development of the World Heritage Region;
  • Basic and advanced trainings for students as well as exchange of researchers and students;
  • Establishing and further developing the education products and moduls for schools and youth;
  • Capacity Buidling of professionals and actors in mountain areas;
  • International cooperation: co-producing, co-learning and co-applying of knowledge in the Alpine space and worldwide, expecially in East Africa.

Fig Thema 7 E Study Centre

The study centre organises an annual forum and and panel discussions for local people, guests and decision makers to topics related to natural and cultural heritage and sustainability. The recently elaborated Benchmark tools and “Learning the Alps” moduls and the relevant databasis will be further extended and adapted to the needs of the World Heritage regions and large protected areas worldwide.