The UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch can be safeguarded for the next generations, if the surrounding region is developing economically and ecologically sustainable. With the «World Heritage Crystal» the Management Centre intends to create incentives for enterprises and individuals, and to launch innovative projects which will be profitable for the whole World Heritage Region.
We express our gratitude to our partners committed to support the Management Centre to balance the protection and the sustainable economic development of the region.
The energy industry has an important and stimulating role regarding economy and ecology in the World Heritage Region. The site with its extended glaciers is considered a water castle. Therefore the huge water flow were used historically and as well as today for the generation of hydropower. The continuous tension between nature protection and resource use is enormous and poses one of the key questions regarding the development of the World Heritage Region.

Mobility is another important topic regarding the economic development. The dense road and train network allows local people and guests to travel around the world Heritage site. The public transportation is especially for the guests a welcomed opportunity to reach the region comfortably and independently from departure and arrival places. Inexpensive offers make the use of public transportation even more attractive.