Destinations and Highlights


The Gastern valley is a romantic mountain valley worth to see. It can be reached easily through the canyon (the Kander water falls) and the rock gallery with a tremendous view to the plateau of Kandersteg.


Lake Oeschinensee

Following the hiking trail from Kandersteg through the forest of Oeschi you can find a miracle of nature, the Lake of Oeschinen. Along the river Oeschi and the nice colored alpine meadows you finally reach the lake of Oeschinen surrounded by steep ice capped rocks – A recommended hiking tour!


Wild Kiental

Experience the wild and romantic Kiental, water forces in its most unspoiled aspect. A spectacle of the nature does credit its name: the wild water trail leads past deep gorges, foaming waterfalls, steep rock faces and at the glacier basin up to the location Griesalp.


Hintere Lauterbrunnental

The Hintere Lauterbrunnental is known for its waterfalls, but it’s also very rich in landscapes and cultural heritage. Discover the valley with all your senses in an impressive and unforgettable way. Six thematic trails invite you to explore the secrets of the Lauterbrunnental.

Valley of the 72 waterfalls

The view of the valley of the 72 waterfalls exceeds the imagination – precipitous rock faces with colored structures rise up to the sky and waterfalls spread energy will capture your attention. The Staubbachfall (foaming waterfall) drops in to the abyss at the border of the village, which honors its name especially in spring.

Kleine Scheidegg

The Kleine Scheidegg is located below the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. It offers a spectacular view of the notorious Eiger north face. The Eiger north face disaster resulted in the death of five climbers during the 1936 climbing season on the north face of the mountain. The famous movie «The Beckoning Silence» has been realized on this tragic event.


The Jungfraujoch lies in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Snow and ice are guaranteed. The roof terrace Sphinx, the Ice Palace, the plateau for round walks in the perpetual snow are all year attractions – on the top of Europe.


The Lake Bachalpsee lies near Grindelwald First and can be reached within 45 – 60 minutes. The well-maintained hiking trail starts at the gondola summit station with a short climb. The track after the Gummihütte is flat until the Bachalpsee. Under windless conditions the Schreckhorn is reflected in the water of the mountain lake.


Rosenlauischlucht (Gorge)

Powerful waterfalls, romanticcaves, bizarre cliff formations: for thousands of years, the glacial waters have been sculpting a fantastic work of art out of rock – and will continue to sculpt, unceasingly. Frothy, foaming, roaring… The untamable power of water is fascinating, awakens the philosopher in us and flushes everyday life away.

Aare Gorge

During a hiking tour through the Aareschlucht you feel the force of nature stronger than in any other place. Under your feet the water from the glaciers is pressed ceaselessly through the narrow gorge and above your head the rocky faces rise into seemingly infinite altitudes. A mystic experience!



People seeking a thrill will find one here in the Haslital valley on the Bernese side of the Grimsel Pass. A monstrous climb of maximum 106 percent indisputably makes this funicular railway the steepest in Europe.

Generating electricity

We show you how the boisterous power of water is generating electricity and how it reaches your home over a long distance. Follow us into the underground of the mountain. There, not only the techniques are fascinating: we open for you doors to power plants of nature and to the millions of years old crystal caves.


The valley Goms is a unique mountain valley with a broad facetted landscape and rich in historic pearls. The hicking paradise is enchanting and offers exciting activities for young and old people. A special highlight: the tour with audio guides to the historic centre of Gletsch. On the 90-minute tour you learn history, life and business in this important commercial and tourist resort of the last century.

POI Goms


The Risihorn , the mountain overlooking Bellwald offers a breath-taking view to the Finsteraarhorn. A well-marked hiking trail leads from the chairlift to the Furggulti, the Chue and consequently to the Risihorn. The climb to the top of the mountain has to be undertaken with good walking equipment.

POI Risihorn

Guided Village Tour and Eco Museum in Bellwald

The old center of Bellwald can be best discovered during an original guided tour. In the narrow alleys numerous well preserved stable, barns and houses can be admired. Finally an aperitif is offered in the Eco Museum for adults and children.


Eggishorn – Märjela

The magnificent mountain hike starts from the Eggishorn to the lake Märjela and back to the Fiescheralp: the tour is called «from glacier to water».
The tour is not asking for any special uphill efforts, but still offers an extraordinary view over the entire Great Aletsch Glacier.

Bettmerhorn – World of Ice

The multimedia exhibition Ice room Bettmerhorn in the Aletsch Arena is dedicated to the secrets of the Great Aletsch Glacier, making it with a length of 23 km the longest glacier of the Alps. The perpetual ice of the immense glacier hides interesting facts and stories.


Moosfluh – Aletschwald

Also from Moosfluh, just above the Aletsch Forest you enjoy an extraordinary view on the Aletsch Glacier.
The forest is protected and dominated by gnarled and extremely resistant Swiss stone pines. The pine trees in the Aletsch Forest are at least 600 to 700 years old, some of them are considerably older than that – the Aletsch Forest is home to Switzerland’s oldest trees.

Pro Natura Center Aletsch

The Pro Natura Center is located in Villa Cassel and offers exhibitions, and excursions to the old and resistant Swiss stone pines in the Aletsch Forest and to the Great Aletsch Glacier, as well as adventure holidays and weekends. A variety of events during summertime makes the stay at the center attractive.


Aletsch glacier’s edge

The Hotel Belalp and its chapel, constructed in 1858 at the beginning of the mountain tourism era, are placed exactly at the place where the Great Aletsch Glacier can be frontally seen. The glacier’s edge can be reached with a short walk from the mountain station of the cable car Blatten-Belalp.


Saffron Cultures in Mund

Mund is the only place in Switzerland where saffron, the «red gold» is planted and cultivated. Along the saffron educational trail, during an easy hiking tour, you find six boards with information about the saffron culture in Mund. How are saffron and rye planted? How much love, patience and diligence are invested in each saffron flower?


Suone Niwärch – for those not suffering from vertigo

Niwärch is probably the boldest bisses (a type of water channel), called Suone, in the valley of Baltschieder and follows the vertical rocky faces. Already after the first bend you reach a rocky face, while the other side consists of a steep drop into the valley.
The hiker who does not suffer from vertigo, will be rewarded with a marvelous view and will be able to, after the completing the passage through the rocks, walk a relaxed path down the valley.

Poi Niwaerch

Raron Castle

Raron was first mentioned in 1014 as «Raronia Prudens» and got famous thanks to the castel church, built entirely into the rocks and the grave of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Two other buildings constitute the Raron Castel, the old presbytery, today the museum, and the residential tower (turris antiqua) constructed more than 150 years before the church.


Old Village Centre Niedergesteln

Enjoy the old Village center of Niedergesteln; evidence of history of architecture of the Valais. The village safeguarded its small urban characteristic with its lines of alleys. Since 1983 the foundation Pro Castellione engages in the conservation and documentation of the historic building stock. The ruin Gestelnburg was restored between 1984 and 1993.


Museum Lötschental

The Lötschental Museum leads you into a world full of traditions and customs. More than 60 wooden masks offer an unbroken history of the development of the basic traits of masking in the Lötschental since 1900 till to date. You find witnesses of the style of living, of alpine farming, tourism and handicraft.


Fafleralp is situated at the end of the road through the Lötschental embedded in the fantastic mountain landscape. The Fafleralp is the ideal starting point for the mountain walk along the sunny slopes towards Lauchernalp or hiking tours directed to the Anen glacier. Let’s be enchanted by the Lötschental, the magic valley.

Regional nature park Pfyn-Finges

What makes the regional nature Park Pfyn-Finges so unique? The 17km2 Pfynwald protection area with its unique and dynamic biodiversity? The wide range of habitats which extend over 12 communities between 500 and 4,153m? The bilingualism? The wealth of ornithology? The culinary & cultural highlights, myths & traditions? We would like to invite you to discover the answer for yourself. Be amazed!

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