The region around the UNESCO World heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch is full of thrilling secrets and unique natural treasures. Who seeks to explore this exciting world, will receive many useful information about his destinations.

Those who like to experience and understand the Alps and the World Heritage site in its entirety, should complete the hike around the World Heritage «key to the Alps» once in his life. 15 stages which could not be more varied and exciting contemporarily convey information about the entire World Heritage site. For every fan of the Alps and hiking a must!

Who would like to explore the World Heritage site on its own, will find on the interactive hiking map «» information and tips regarding tours, attractions and public transportation. Our World Heritage ambassadors, all qualified hiking guides will present issues worth to know and curiosities about the World Heritage site.

The region fascinates with numerous activities, attractions, events and exhibitions, beside the main destinations and highlights of the UNESCO World Heritage property. More activities around the World Heritage Region you will find here